2 thoughts on “Cityscape – Utility poles

  1. I lived in Japan and there are many electric poles and lines and cables all over the cities, hanging from one building to the other. I lived in Nagasaki at the time. The city is surrounded by hills. Of course no lines or poles up there. In Nagasaki there’s a festival called O’kunchi where boats are carried as shrines all over town. Somehow, I can’t really remember how, I began thinking that those electric lines above my head resembled fishing nets and that we were in fact like fish. The only way of regaining human like features was to walk up the hills, above the electric lines, and observe the concrete town, spreading under the fishing nets, in the shade of one of the many trees. Up there you were like a fisherman.

    • Wow, thank you for sharing that story! So interesting… Your analogy brought vivid visuals to my mind. Here in Toronto, we have an extensive streetcar system in the downtown area. You can see the many power lines everywhere, especially in the larger intersections. They also look like fishing nets. 🙂

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