Food – Sweet Tart

apricot tartlet

“Apricot tartlet”
oil on panel


Besides a few other things, lately I seem to have an obsession with painting food! A French bakery/cafe opened recently near my studio. So when I need a break, I find myself wandering up the street to Brioche Doree on King St West. They have mouth-watering pastries and fresh bread on display every day. The apricot tartlet and the leek parmesan croissant are from there.


brioche doree





I love food to begin with so if I’m going to practice painting, using pastries is a good choice as any! It can be a little tricky though. I’m not a high realist painter but I still want to get a few details in. I want the object to still look painterly and appealing (if I’m using oils) without going overboard with too much detail. I guess that’s why I’m still learning. I’d like to try different styles later, maybe go more simplified or “pop art”, maybe use more exaggerated colors. That’s the fun of painting – the more you paint, the more ideas you get!

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