100 Portraits – No. 1

male portrait drawing

Male model, profile
Portrait study no1
vine charcoal on newsprint
18 in x 24 in

I have always been interested in portraiture. How does one convey the character, the inner soul, the essence of the individual through graphite or paint on the two-dimensional surface? It’s a huge challenge. And to give myself a goal, starting today (and over the course of a year), I’ve decided to make and post 100 studies of the human face. This will include drawings, ink sketches and paintings, as well as copies of masters and studies of contemporary illustrators and painters. I might throw in a few collages and digital pieces too. I want to explore different approaches to drawing and painting the human face and figure. This should be an exciting journey.

6 thoughts on “100 Portraits – No. 1

  1. What a wonderful goal to set for yourself. Maybe I need a new goal – starting something always gives me a lift. I look forward to see all your human faces! . . . 99 faces to go, 99 faces to go, take one down . . . .

    • Lol! Thank you Elephant!! 🙂 I hope my enthusiasm doesn’t wane half way through. But knowing I’ve made a public commitment is extra motivation to keep at it. It’ll be fun.

      • You may want to give up now and then, but you will do it! I committed to myself to do my blog daily for one year. I feel like giving up at least once a week, but I can see the end in sight so that keeps me going. You will be fine and you will have some very wonderful new skills at the end of the 100 faces!
        Beyond good luck,

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