100 Portraits – No. 20

portrait painting of charlotte in oil

Continuing with my series of portrait studies… this painting was done from a live model and not a photograph. Charlotte is a lovely woman who works for one of the bigger wineries in the nearby Niagara-on-the-lake region here in Southern Ontario. I started with an acrylic underpainting to block out the shapes and values. Charlotte is of West Indian descent. Getting her proper skin tone was a good exercise. Oil on canvas.

4 thoughts on “100 Portraits – No. 20

  1. Hi, I did 100 portraits challenge back in 2012 also. I was able to finished in 2 months. It was crazy but I’ve gained great skill from it. Good luck to you. If you can, follow my site to connect with like mind artists

    • Hi, nice to meet you! That’s unbelievable – that you did so many portraits in just 2 months. Good job! I’m giving myself 5-6 months at least to do my 100. Thank you, yes, I’m learning a lot already, even at the #20 stage. I visited your blog – I like how you show the process and I really like your flower and still paintings too.

      • I think 5-6 months is very reasonable. but you’ll never know, your speed will be quicker at around #50 or so. This is the best training I’ve done and believe it will do wonder with you too. I found out that instead of looking for that masterpiece…you should just paint. Every painter has about 2000 (two thousands) bad paintings. The quicker you paint them, the closer you’re to your masterpiece. I passed my 1000 sometime this year… but don’t keep track. Paint and share, my fellow artist

      • Great words of advice! I will keep at it, yes. I think I read somewhere that artist Alex Katz trashed his first 2000 paintings – so it’s good to know that there’s something to aspire to, lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Happy painting to you too.

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