Hark! Studies of the Ear…

Drawings of the ear

I think lately, I find the ear my favorite body part to explore (in drawing and painting the portrait). So many little nooks and crannies and interesting curves! I did a few drawings to understand what’s going on with the ear. And apparently like fingerprints, no two ears are alike – each ear is unique to the individual. Some ears are big, some small, some stick out, some are flat, some ear lobes are huge, some are tiny, some ears are really red, some not. And besides the physical differences, some ears are really sensitive and/or ticklish, some not, some ear lobes can give good luck and some ears can wiggle on their own… EARS! Amazing!

Sketches of the ear

Ear study in watercolor

6 thoughts on “Hark! Studies of the Ear…

  1. I agree about ears. I don’t know why, but I look at people’s ears and I am amazed by how different they are. I saw a guy last week who had big ears that stuck out and were shaped in a very beautiful way – they were exotic – they suited him and made him look sort of futuristic.

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